2010 Local Contractor Honored By Butler Manufacturing

Larson Contracting, a general contracting company based in Lake Mills, IA, has been recognized as a High Performance Builder by Butler Manufacturing™, a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc., the global leader in metal building systems. This prestigious title is reserved for Butler Builders who not only meet but exceed annual trade area objectives, showcasing exceptional marketing skills in promoting Butler building and roof systems. Out of around 1,200 Butler Builders worldwide, only 110 received this esteemed award.

Established in 1977, Larson Contracting has been proudly constructing and marketing Butler buildings since 1986. Some of their ongoing local projects utilizing Butler components include Lou Rich in Albert Lea, MN; Stellar Industries in Garner, IA; Midwest Pipe Supply in Clear Lake, IA; Norby Green Country in Osage, IA; and West Central Co-op in Hamlin, IA.

With a vast network of approximately 1,200 Butler Builders globally, Butler Manufacturing stands at the forefront of Systems Construction. This innovative approach is applied to the majority of non-residential, low-rise buildings under 150,000 square feet, offering numerous advantages over traditional construction methods. These benefits include quicker construction time, cost-effectiveness, lower maintenance expenses, and ease of expansion. Systems Construction also results in energy-efficient buildings that yield a higher return on investment.