Local Contractor Honored by Metal Construction News

Larson Contracting Central LLC, a local general contracting company based in Lake Mills, IA, has recently received a prestigious honor from Metal Construction News. In their latest issue from May 2012, Larson Contracting was recognized as one of the Top Builders for the year 2011. This achievement is a testament to their exceptional work and dedication in the construction industry.

Not only did Larson Contracting make it onto the list of the top companies in the nation, but they also secured impressive rankings within specific categories. They ranked an impressive #36 out of 100 for the number of metal buildings purchased for construction in 2011. Additionally, they secured the #40 spot out of 100 for the total square footage of metal buildings purchased during the same year. These rankings highlight Larson Contracting’s expertise and success in the field.

As an authorized Butler Manufacturing Dealer, Larson Contracting specializes in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings. They also offer services such as metal re-roofing, retrofit steel, site work, site utilities, concrete, masonry, and carpentry for both new and conventional construction projects in the upper Midwest.

This recognition from Metal Construction News is a well-deserved accolade for Larson Contracting Central LLC. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver high-quality construction projects have truly set them apart in the industry. Congratulations to Larson Contracting on this remarkable achievement!